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Services Overview

International Law:

Rondon Legal enjoys providing advice and representing clients in international legal matters. Attorney Rondon speaks five languages, has lived and worked in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela, and has experience serving clients from around the world. We utilize his expertise and that of our staff to provide comprehensive legal representation in both adversarial and transactional matters at a fraction of the cost of the large, multinational firms. Furthermore, we are constantly working to develop a network of professionals around the world to insure that our clients have access to the highest level of legal representation across borders

Business Law:

Rondon Legal provides comprehensive legal services to startup and existing small and medium-sized businesses doing business in Florida, New York, across the United States and across Latin America. From business structure selection, establishment and organization to the litigation of commercial disputes, our firm guides our business clients through many of the legal issues that a small or medium-sized business may face. For international companies and individuals establishing or managing a business in Florida, we also act as a registered agent and may act as that person or company's agent in Florida in all legal matters. We can further act as a "CEO" or "quarterback" for a new business, connecting our clients with top-notch accountants, business brokers, insurance agents, real estate agents, bankers, and other attorneys that will help them succeed in their U.S. strategy.

Real Estate Law:

Rondon Legal provides both individual and corporate clients with comprehensive legal representation in residential and commercial real estate matters. We pride ourselves on being able to provide top-notch service to our clients in both the transactional and litigation aspects of real estate. We particularly enjoy representing foreign nationals and companies seeking to invest in the hot U.S. real estate market, particularly in Florida, as well as U.S. and other nationals and companies seeking to invest in Latin America's increasingly profitable real estate market. We work closely with real estate agents in Florida, in states across the United States, and across Latin America to provide our clients with access to the hottest deals in their market of interest. Furthermore, we enjoy guiding our clients through the idiosyncracies of the real estate acquisition process, both legal and otherwise, in the various markets that we serve.

Social Security Disability:

In the difficult reality of today's economy, the disabled are often among the hardest hit. Due to an overflow of applications, government inefficiency and the frustrating culture of denial that infects so many bureaucracies in our system, many individuals suffering from genuine physical or mental disabilities are routinely denied social security benefits that they paid into the system for years. At Rondon Legal, we know how this bureaucracy works and we are on your side. We have fought with many clients to obtain their lawfully earned social security disability benefits.