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Few legal issues are more personal than immigration, particularly in the United States of America. Dreams, families and companies are built because of immigration, while deportation and exile can tear the very fabric of a family and a community apart. In today's globalized world, individuals, families and businesses operate across borders all of the time. Unfortunately, our governments have yet to find a way to successfully and securely facilitate the movement necessary to live in today's global world. At Rondon Legal, we understand the anxieties and the frustrations that often surround the issue of immigration for many people. While we cannot remove all of these anxieties and frustrations, it is our mission to stand and fight beside our clients in every step of the immigration process.

Rondon Legal represents individuals, families and companies in all areas of U.S. and global immigration law. In U.S. immigration cases, we represent people before government agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State and its Consulates around the world, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Labor, as well as before state and federal courts across the country. In global immigration cases, we assist U.S. and other foreign nationals in their dealings with foreign consulates across the United States and with foreign governments, either directly or through our network of international professionals. Our fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese, as well as the expertise of our lead attorney in Latin American affairs, gives us a particular edge when it comes to cases involving nationals or countries in the Americas.

In the past, we have obtained green cards and citizenship where others have failed, obtained travel and work visas for individuals to visit the United States where their family members did not think it would be possible, secured release from immigration detention for many, and defended many from removal from the United States. We have obtained waivers to travel or immigrate to the United States where foreign nationals would otherwise have to wait 10 years or more to reunite with loved ones due to criminal issues or unlawful presence in the United States. We also have advised companies on compliance with U.S. immigration laws and regulations, and have assisted firms to bring key foreign employees to the United States. We enjoy assisting prospective entrepreneurs and investors with their immigration options, and, as a plus, offer these clients pre-immigration legal services in corporate, business, real estate, asset protection and tax law either directly or indirectly through our recommended network of professionals.

Each case that comes into our firm is carefully examined for its merit in consultation with an attorney. We are not afraid to tackle difficult cases, and will gladly provide second opinions and take on administrative and court appeals, motions to reopen, petitions for review and federal court litigation on behalf of our clients. While we do select cases so as to preserve the time that our attorneys have available to handle our clients' matters, we do not reject cases based on the case type when it comes to immigration law. We pride ourselves on handling all aspects of U.S. and global immigration law, and try to make the client's experience as comprehensive and cost-effective as possible.

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