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Social Security Disability:

In the difficult reality of today's economy, the disabled are often among the hardest hit. Due to an overflow of applications, government inefficiency and the frustrating culture of denial that infects so many bureaucracies in our system, many individuals suffering from genuine physical or mental disabilities are routinely denied social security benefits that they paid into the system for years. At Rondon Legal, we know how this bureaucracy works and we are on your side. We have fought with many clients to obtain their lawfully earned social security disability benefits.

In Social Security cases, we work with the client from step 1 to ensure the development of a successful case. Unlike many social security firms, we will represent clients even in the initial stages of a social security claim if it appears to our firm that the case is a good one for us to take. We do evaluate each and every case for its merit prior to committing to representation, because we do not charge an upfront retainer fee or an hourly rate for our social security disability services. Instead, we work on a contingency fee in social security disability cases, which means that our disability clients will not pay attorneys fees unless and until we win their case.

Rondon Legal also offers social security disability representation at the four levels of appeal available in disability benefits proceedings (Request for Reconsideration, Administrative Law Judge Hearing, Appeals Council, Federal Court review). It is important for social security clients to understand that unlike other legal matters, appeals have a greater success rate in social security cases than applications at the initial stage. However, this is only true if the applicant is represented by an attorney. Rondon Legal prepares evidence from the very beginning in preparation for appeal. As our client, you can rest assured that we will fight together with you every step of the way until you receive your disability benefits.